Marko Kanala, also known as Mulletronic, has been producing electronic music since 1991. Mulletronic's musical style is a mixture of several styles such as electro, disco and synth pop. His tracks have influences from artists like Kraftwerk, Anthony Rother and Legowelt.

Mulletronic's producing style is very live-oriented and in studio he uses a mixture of old classics and newer technology. He prefers instruments with hands-on pattern sequencing capabilities such as Roland's famous TR and SH series. His skills in electronics have also helped him to include some homebrew synthesizers and rhythm boxes in his studio gear.

His first 12" release is "Sexual" from a new label Sewer Leak. Earlier his works have been heard on Anthony Rother's "Electro Commando 1 - Welcome To Psicity" compilation, on which "Eeyore" was a stand-out track.
 Sexual 12" (EP) - leak 001 - Sewer Leak
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 Eeyore (track) on "Electro Commando 1 - Welcome To Psicity" - Psi49net
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